Jan 202008


Alternative To Find Cheaper Or Free Alternative Software Based On Your Needs

A Sales Guy A Sales Guy Featuring Useful Sales Articles

Askmen An Online Magazine For Men

Bachelor’s Degrees Research Thousands of Degrees From Around The World That Suit Your Needs

Canva Design Anything Online

Capterra A Software Directory To Search, Compare And Choose Software

Clutch.co A database and review website for business services

CBC Canadian And International News

Clean PNG  Millions Of Free PNG Images For You To Use

Code Academy Free Coding Tutorials

CompareCamp A SAAS Software Comparison Website

Cosmetics Database A Database By EWG Revealing The Healthiness And Safety Of Personal Care Products We Use

City Of Toronto’s Restaurant Hygiene Track Record Database DineSafe – Don’t Eat In Toronto Without Consulting It

Eigonaoshi Eigonaoshi: Japanese To English and English To Japanese Translation Service

Eye On Sales A Sales Website Featuring Ideas, Tips And Scripts

Focus Economics Economic Forecasts And Analysis For The World’s Leading Economics

Freedom Forum (Formerly Newsuem) Hundreds Of Newspapers’ Front Pages New And Archived

Guardian London’s The Guardian Newspaper Maintains One Of The Better News And Opinion Sites

Gutenborg Project 60,000 Free Electronic Books For The Common Good

Harvard Working Knowledge Harvard University’s Business School Business Articles And Research

Hyper History 3,000 Years Of World History In One Place

I Hate Taxis A Travel Information Website Geared Towards Transportation

Inner Body Research And Reviews On Home Health Purchases/Read And Learn About The Human Anatomy

ITA Software Airfare Comparison Software (Now Part Of Google)

https://www.linkedin.com/in/alighaemi/ LinkedIn Profile For Ali Ghaemi

Liveplasma Liveplasma Connects The Dots And Finds Relationships Between Bands To Find You New Music

Lucid Charts Create Engaging Diagrams and Visuals Online

Nation Master World Statistics And Information To Help With Trends And Analysis

Packt A Publisher Specializing in Emerging And Technical Books And Videos

Pixabay Thousands of Free Images To Use For Your Projects

PDFEscape Edit PDF Files Online

Privnote Send Private Notes With Or Without E-mail

Sales Gravy A Sales Website With Articles

Solutions Review A Software Directory And Buyers’ Guide For Software

The Rip-off Report Bad Business Bureau Allows You To Investigate And Report Fraud And Scams

The Innovation Station Videos On Social And Technological Innovation

Visme Create Engaging Infographics Online

www.youtube.com/wwwalighaemicom The YouTube channel For www.alighaemi.com