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Love It Don’t Leave It is a follow-up to authors, coaches and human resource experts Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan Evans’ book Love ‘Em Or Lose ‘Em. I received the book from Bev after interviewing her ­­­­­­­—- for the earlier book. While the latter’s topic is how managers can take care of their star employees and retain them, Love It Don’t Leave It is a shorter book dealing with making one’s job work. Like the previous book there are Chapters from A to Z with each addressing a topic. These are 26 easy-to-read and understand concepts from the employees’ perspective. A is for ‘Ask’ and Z is for ‘Zenith,’ but the authors insist that if one is going to read just two chapters those would be the aforementioned ‘Ask’ (a major topic of the book) and ‘B’ for Buck. That is another appeal of the book. It can be read in any order and can later be referenced for any chapter whose topic interests one.

Chapter titles include Career, Dignity, Hire, Kicks, Mentor, Numbers and Understand. In ‘Ask’ the major topic of the book is discussed. Do not assume your work, manager or boss knows what you want. Tell them. Include WIIFT (What’s In It For Them). Smash through the barriers. As ‘Z’ for Zenith states “Satisfaction Requires Action.”

Along the way one gets chapter after chapter of spotted T-shirt messages that the authors believe holds true-isms. As a reader it did occur to me that not only the book’s major tone is one of optimism for staying at one’s current job, in lieu of leaving for another, but also that it is geared towards the cubicled office worker. The authors might disagree with this last statement. The authors are indeed positive and are assuming that one’ managers and bosses are rational. They are not assuming that the managers have either the answers or the ability. There are chapters for those impediments as well.

Remember, making you happy is good for your employer.

*This book was sent to me compliments of the author or publisher

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