Jul 102012

I attended a presentation on the new version of Microsoft operating system, Windows 8. The session was called The New Era Of Partner Opportunities With Windows 8. I separately also attended the Tuesday keynote of Microsoft VP Jon Roskill where the focus was on innovative solutions coming out of labs and partners offices. The applications were more fun than anything. The Air Canada Centre suite was hosted by Microsoft VP Robert Jones. Those pictures are at the bottom.

Windows 8 will be available at the end of October, 2012.

Here are several items emphasized:

  • Microsoft expects that 375 million PC devices will be sold in the next 12 months. Add tablets to that number now that Microsoft has Surface and ARM devices running Windows.
  • Explorer is central to Windows 8.
  • Bing was demonstrated as part of Windows 8. Several examples of ‘Cloud’ services were cited all of which sync between devices.
  • Everything is touch capable. Mouse, keyboard and touch were called “all first-class citizens.” This was repeated twice.
  • The boot time will be a third of Windows 7.
  • Security includes “trusted boot,” which Microsoft hopes protects users against rootkit attacks.
  • Everyone is encouraged to download the Windows 8 release preview. Additionally, every attendee received a bootable Windows 8 USB 3.0 key.
  • This being the Worldwide Partner Conference of Microsoft the presenters insisted that this is a new era of partner opportunities.
  • The ARM version of Windows 8 is called Windows RT and includes Word, Excel and OneNote.


Windows 8 Metro User Interface (UI)


Virtual Keyboard


Live Tiles






*I do work on behalf of Microsoft

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