Jun 072011

I recently attended an industry CRM event. I was given one of
those logoed bags that one normally gets at such events. You know the ones.
They are stuffed with chachkas, a couple of brochures and possibly a
map or agenda. One of the items in the bag was Dale Carnegie’s Golden Book.
Dale Carnegie is, of course, the author of How To Win Friends & Influence

Among the many pieces of advice in this little fold-out is one
that caught my attention. Under the category of ‘The Perfect Way to Conquer
Worry’ it simply states `Pray.`


What do you think of praying as an antidote to worry? As a
marketer, contributor, manager or executive what are the implications of facing
worry with prayer? This piece of advice, seemingly, goes against standard
wisdom that worrying needs to be confronted through action. Then again Carnegie
is also the author of How To Stop Worrying And Start Living.




Making Friends By Turning Your Back

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