Jul 062011

Came across a sales article on a site called A Sales Guy. Old–school name, but interesting post about sales processes. Nearly everyone agrees that, while different methodologies apply at different times, most successful sales follow a process that give it order, discipline and a superior chance for success.

The Buyer’s Sales Process Adapting One’s Sales Process

Sales managers, coaches and departments require adherence to a sales process (SPIN, Infomentis, CPSA, whatever) both for improving chances for success and for internal tracking purposes. When everyone follows the same methodology, after all, it becomes much easier to compare salespersons, sales engagements and determine and forecast numbers.
Defining the sales process has also been inward. As the article recaps the process is typically a variation of the following:

Pre-sales>>Qualification>>Presentation>>Trial Close>>Objection Removal>>Close>>Support

While this process, and its offsprings are valid, neat and tidy, they adhere to the seller’s practice; not the buyer’s. Jim Keenan (the author of this post) suggests we become more conscious of our buyers’ sales processes and needs and aligning the sales processes with the buyer’s buying map. It might require much modification and flexibility. A sales process should enlighten one about the customer.

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