Jan 232007

An Outline For Teams And Participants In The Corporate Context


Strength In Numbers is a detailed and specialized book catering to teams, committees, groups, etc. and their participants in the context of the workplace.
In the course of 200 odd pages, Strength In Numbers examines every facet of formalized groups’ interaction and attacks the concept from every conceivable angle.
Unfortunately the author fails to provide adequate proof. Real-life examples are scarce and next to no empirical data is provided. Furthermore the absence of footnotes and quoted research seems to belie the subjective nature of the conclusions. As such, one has to rely on a degree of blind faith to trust the author’s expertise or accept the book’s findings. This major gap in the book is partially compensated by the comprehensive nature of the book as regards teams’ dynamics and the book’s many practical and applicable tools and guidelines that are usually tagged at the end of the book’s chapters.

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  1. Really Gr8 ! Thanks For sharing..

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