Jun 202007

A practical approach to workplace situations


Managing Multiple Bosses: How to Juggle Priorities, Personalities & Projects, and Make It Look Easy is a book with an atypical approach to solving common workplace issues. Written by author and speaker Pat Nickerson, the book is in fact a compilation of issues, discussions and solutions offered at different seminars by disparate participants. In this way, the book takes advantage of a rare common wisdom and set of experiences. Moreover, The overall subject-matter is more true to the book’s sub-title as opposed to its main title. Managing Multiple Bosses… has a broader focus than just managing multiple superiors. It indeed discusses and offers practical solutions for other aspects of the corporate circus. In this context, the book has a lot to offer and is even fun to read at times – the serious nature of the issues discussed aside.
The sole fault with the book though is its organization. Titles, sections and problems/solutions do not enjoy an elegant and logical pattern or organization. Rather, the book is somehow organized as one discussion after the other and the bold headings are of little consequence.
All in all, Pat Nickerson’s compilation is an above average read for corporate citizens.

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