Jun 232008

Knowledge Deployment 101 – 103


Artful Persuasion is a compilation of tips, tricks and wisdom on how to persuade others, change their minds, align, and influence people favourably.
Just shy of 300 pages, Harry Mills introduces and expounds on the topic through chapters divided into ‘Thoughtful Persuasion’ (credibility, impressions, talking, asking targeted messaging. et cetra) and ‘Mindless Influence’ (contrast, reciprocation, consistency, authority, scarcity, conformity and liking). The book also features several quizzes, by-lines and diagrams to better illustrate the point. Oddly enough, the book ends with a chapter wherein an expected explanation on examples of influence and leadership goes awry and becomes a silly iconography of sorts.
That little biased narrative aside, Artful Persuasion is an informative book, even if it soon becomes apparent that there are no short cuts per se; just techniques that need to be learnt and practiced.
A bigger question, in the meanwhile, is the legitimacy of such techniques. You decide.

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