Feb 252012

I thought I would do something different here. Instead of reviewing a film or commenting on it here is a map of the places in Tokyo Fukuhara and Takemura, the two main characters of the film Adrift In Tokyo, walk through.
Since the film is in Japanese and the map is based on my personal observations in the film I would enjoy any feedback or contributions. Please use the Contact form or leave a Comment for this post.

2017 Note: I asked star Odagiri Joe about the film in person and more specifically about his relationship with the man and the woman and he regretfully actually could not recall the film’s details. It is left up to us, therefore, to speculate.
Click on the view to the ‘larger map’ located below the map to see the stroll to Kasumagaseki police station in sequence. Click on the markers below for information on any location.

Alternatively, here also is the direct link to the larger version of the Tenten Adrift In Tokyo Map, which includes sequence and information on the Tokyo locations: Click here.

View Adrift In Tokyo (Tenten) on a larger map