Apr 202014

Some of you may know that in the United States Google has begun selling its Google Glass to the public. After limiting it to a select number of testers and developers Google Glass was made available to the public this month – albeit for now in a flash sale – for $1,500 (US). The wearable device comes with Terms Of Service. Google Glass


As innovative as the Android-powered device is it is not the first such device.

In 2011, Microsoft had The Printing Dress. One could change and personalize the dress’ message or typeface. Microsoft’s The Printing Dress

Sony has been selling an Android wrist watch called Sony SmartWatch. Sony’s SmartWatch



These are not the only games in town however. Not to be outdone by mega corporations independent researchers and entrepreneurs have also jumped into the fray.

There is the AgencyGlass. Dr. Hirotaka Osawa of the University Of Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan has developed a wearable device called AgencyGlass, which always projects an interested or happy eye contact. It is aimed at the employee who has to consistently interact with customers of co-workers. AgencyGlass

If all of this is decidedly too hi-tech for your personal needs or preferences there is always the Weibo ‘Wang Shou-Ying.’ Her ‘keyboard hat’ (scroll down to the middle of the page) is as technologically advanced as she allows her creations to be. Wang Shou-Ying

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