Nov 152014

Do you want to ramp up your job search and potentially improve your chances at obtaining an interview? Consider creating a personal Value Statement or Value Summary to be sent and shared with your résumé.

Traditionally, the résumé is meant to get you an interview, while the actual meeting will allow you to progress to the next level to obtain the job.

Consider going the extra mile and incorporating the experience, skills and accomplishments you would convey at the interview in a Value Statement you would include and provide early on with your résumé.

It allows the hiring manager to expressly read what one hopes the résumé would convey. Moreover, it might even serve as practice for the actual interview conversation.


The content of the Value Statement would differ based on the résumé, experience and nature of the position of course; however, below is a technical sales sample of categories that need to be filled in with specifics.

  1. Sales Strategy (specifics are the sales process)
  2. External Customer Management (progress, commonality, building trust and commonality)
  3. Internal Customer Management (working with colleagues and departments within the organization)
  4. Relevant Industry knowledge (value propositions for SIC, Key Business Requirements and outcomes in targeted industries or product field)
  5. Business Acumen (timeliness, sympathy and care for customers, prospects and other people, propriety and EQ)
  6. Technical Acumen (knowledge of product, solution or other tools needed to do the job or mandated to be taught to others)




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