May 102010

Another day and another couple of people giving the sales profession a bad name.

According to New Mexico’s KOB TV a couple of men have found a new way to give the sales profession a bad name. What is the novel way? Threatening and cursing potential customers.

The two young men have put the neighbourhood on edge by knocking on doors and abusing the residents who do not wish to buy magazine subscriptions. But that is not where things stopped. One resident claims that upon refusing the offer at his door he was threatened by one of the door-to-door men that he will tell his dad to come over to the door of the owner who refuses to buy. The young man also managed to add that his dad is a retired Marine Corps member. The salesperson left when the resident responded with musings of his shotgun.

Another neighbour states that the same two claimed to be working with University Of New Mexico’s the Children’s Cancer Center. They insisted that their proceeds go to charity. They had no proof and no ID to back up the claim.

It is important to distinguish the professionals with integrity from the detritus.

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*Things That Need To Go Away: salespeople threatening potential customers.

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