Nov 232010

If you want your boss to approve of you and your future request, ask for his or her advice, including seeking particulars, and then take it.

In this case, the question one poses should not be general (although that is an OK place to start), but rather one should focus on how one could be more effective on the job and with whom else one should speak. The ‘whom else’ is comprised of people a level or two above you.

Take the advice and implement with yardsticks.

Approach other senior individuals (via e-mail if possible) and ask for time to have coffee or simply to chat informally. Ask about what they are up to in the short and medium term and pivot by asking them how you could contribute and help with the endeavour. See how you can contribute to their goals and/or other goals of theirs you might have heard about. You are being helpful and proactive.

Follow up with the person and share your suggestions and ideas. Feel free to share with a larger group (in a meeting or via e-mail).
It is also appropriate for managers to e-mail the executive team promoting one’s team’s accomplishments.

Once a relationship has been established ask for advice and help regarding how to obtain the position in which you are interested. It might be a specific position or it might be a type of a role. Explain why you are a fit. Asking early on is being pro-active and gets you a leg up!

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