Nov 012011

Many a sales technique teaches salespeople to adapt to a methodology and process and follow the ‘rules’ to a successful career and riches.

These sales courses are often beneficial and instructive, no doubt. I have both taken and taught many and remain a supporter of process and methodology.

I sat through a 317 Consulting training recently, which talked about, among other things, Verbal Aikido. Sandler Sales calls it Match & Mirror. These refer to the idea that a salesperson should match his or her words, tonality, posture and emphasis to a prospect’s. They reasonably argue that relating and bonding between buyer and seller are important.


Be that as it may, one point should not be lost. Unfortunately, it often is. Salespeople should not override their own personalities to become someone they are not. I often tell my salespeople that there is not one path to success and they should make their personalities work for them. Do not become someone your personality does not allow you to be. Improve yourself, invest in yourself, learn and grow, but do not become someone you do not enjoy being. It will adversely affect your sales.

Do not let your personality become subservient to a script. It is important to remain genuine. After all, every sales training will also tell you to not come across as phoney.




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