Mar 092015

Initially announced in September of 2014, Apple today took the veils off Apple Watch. Unofficially dubbed the iWatch, the Apple Watch was shown off today by Apple CEO Tim Cook in San Francisco. The Apple Watch will be available to pre-order on April 10th and available to buy starting April 24th. Apple retail staff are being coached on how to couple the watch with iPhones.

While expectations are high for any product unleashed from the Apple labs, there is extra pressure on Cook and the Apple designers as far as Apple Watch is concerned. It is the first completely new product by the company since the death of Apple co-founder, and Cook’s predecessor, Steve Jobs. It has been four years since then.

In his presentation Cook cited the health apps, ‘tap’ communication capability and its appearance.

Coincidentally, Apple Watch is reminiscent and nods to Blackberry in 2 ways:

1- Like the early Blackberry PlayBook the Apple Watch relies on being paired to an iPhone for much of its functionality.

2- Apple has introduced a Gold Edition of its watch. Many may know that Blackberry has had a series of gold and gold plated high-end phones.


Here is the line-up of Apple Watches:

Apple Watch Sport, 38mm: $349 (US)

Apple Watch Sport, 42mm: $399 (US)

Sapphire and steel Apple Watch 38mm: $549 – $1049 (US), pries depend of the wrist band picked

Sapphire and steel Apple Watch 42mm: $599 – $1099 (US) and

Gold Apple Watch Edition: starting at $10,000

Likely the Apple Watch will soon be untethered and upgraded by Apple, but in the meantime what do you think of Apple’s latest “revolutionary” products?


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