Aug 122015

It is not the first time that I write about What Matters To Employees.

See the older iterations here and here.

Here is an update from 2015, which depicts the top 3 priority ‘wants’ of the employees as

1- Pay

2- Location

3- Flexible hours.

TOP 3 Employees





To speculate, the ‘top 3’ are likely not as cut and dry as it seems upon first glance. For example, ‘pay’ could mean base pay or variable or signing bonus, etc. ‘Flexible hours’ could mean number of hours worked or vacation days. Moreover, as always, negotiations and wants and needs are not win-lose. For example, a person might mean ‘signing bonus’ and not just ‘salary’ when discussing ‘pay.’ Similarly, an employee might mean ‘office hours’ when discussing ‘flexible hours,’ which may even be in sync with employer needs as they need people in different shifts.

For another perspective, which is different from the results of this survey, read my interview with author Beverly Kaye.

*Things That Need To Go Away: employers pretending the above are not priorities.