Mar 262014

Let me take it upon myself. The ignorance is mine, I suppose. Did you know Adobe owns and markets cloud-based marketing software?

There is sarcasm in the preceding¬†sentence of course, but the lack of awareness might be as much a weakness as strength. After all, Adobe’s publishing software and web content being so strong and de facto standard that anything else the company does is supressed in comparison. Ironically, Adobe’s marketing has always been strong given its ubiquitous presence and leadership in its space.

This post, however, is about the announcement that SAP and Adobe have come together and SAP will re-sell the Adobe suite.

First, Marketing Software is especially hot and SAP is trying to keep up. Oracle has scooped up Eloqua and Responsys. has been punching above its weight and picked up Buddy Media and ExactTarget.

SAP too picked up Swiss e-commerce and marketing firm Hybris last year. Adobe’s commerce platform is to be re-sold by SAP and probably be adapted to the in-memory HANA technology. It all sounds good, but is this a change of pace for SAP – to re-sell instead of develop or acquire – or even anything substantive? After all, Bell Canada resells Cisco and Microsoft’s cloud products? I doubt whether these agreements register on any of these company’s earnings statements. Does anyone remember how and Intuit partnered two years ago to offer each other’s customers applications for CRM and financials respectively? Imagine the potential for the leaders in front-end and back-end solutions for SMB to come together and compare said possibility to the whimper.

Time will tell if this is another press release-only statement or something more substantive. In the meantime, Adobe sells marketing software.

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