May 292016

“There is little point in rehashing basic interview tips,” or some approximation of that thought had crossed my mind during the history of my writing on this website. There really should not be any reason to write here what anyone can find and read at numerous other sources… that is, until I participated in an interview for a job candidate earlier this month.

To be fair, there probably is no such thing as a perfect interviewer or interviewee. I paid for and worked with a professional resume writing service near the start of my career. There was a payment, an interview, a couple of back-and-forths and I was the owner of a newly minted state-of-the-art resume. That is what you would think. Except, what happened instead was that there were several criticisms of the new CV by recruiters who were receiving the document who were oblivious to how the thing was put together by a leading resume writing firm. The lesson all those years ago was that one cannot please everybody.

With that said, there are probably some interview basics to which most people agree. Especially, when interviewing for a sales position consider the interview a direct audition of your selling capability. The product is ‘you’ and the ‘buyer’ is the person interviewing you. Congratulations, you have been invited to come in. Sell yourself now. How?

  • Do your research,
  • Know the job’s requirements,
  • Be pleasant, positive, dress and speak the part,
  • Listen,
  • Given the chance, ask questions,
  • Etc.

Those are the basics.

The candidate I interviewed put together a compilation of things not to do. It might have been a case of the old ‘I am a man I can naturally sell anything’ syndrome, which unfortunately makes men grow egos too large to make many remember that respect, methodology and process remain important – or it might have been the individual in this instance.

Nonetheless, and without further ado, here are a few little tips that we all thought are by now unnecessary:

  • Be respectful of yourself, your interviewer and others in the universe
  • Know the job description and what you are required to do in it (no! you do not know the nuances of the job already better than the interviewer)
  • As a result… listen and ask thoughtful questions
  • Refrain from expressing racist, sexist or ageist opinions unless you believe in those things, are forthright and value your principles over sanity and getting a job or you are applying for a position with the Trump campaign.

I believe I already said this a couple of bullets ago, but sexism, racism and ageism have no place in our society and neither do they at a job interview or anywhere you and I want to work at…

Questions? Just ask.

Job to do and not to do

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*Things That Need To Go Away: People Who Can ‘Sell Anything And Everything’ Without Listening, Understanding Or Caring.

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