Jun 102011

A new Consumer Reports investigation reveals companies know something we don’t: bad customer service pays (apparently).
Which one of us has not had a bad experience at the hands of a company’s customer service representative or department? How many of us have decided against a purchase because of this? The catch is that the lack of service often comes after purchase.
The Consumer Reports article points out that the “Better Business Bureau logged 1.1 million complaints against North American businesses last year.” The worst of the worst in a study of eight industries? None other than Walmart and Sam’s Club. As I said, these companies know something we do not. They are not only the worst of the worst, but also the biggest of the biggest.

Things That Need To Go Away:
-Someone returning a Bible is told books are not returnable.
-Dell replaces computers with refurbished units should the computer be more than 90 days old. The replacement took a month to arrive and was a different model.
-An American trying to disconnect his AT&T home telephone spent 6 hours on the phone to India and the United States, with the added bonus of being disconnected several times.

Consumer Reports July 2011 Customer Service Deteriorating

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