Aug 112011

Now I do not condone using sex as a sales technique, but a new CBC report on Toronto panhandlers is a good reminder of how important it is to cut through the jammed clutter of modern life to get the message through.
At least two enterprising Toronto-based panhandlers are using key words like ‘sex’ to grab the attention of passers-by to solicit money. Judging by the reported results it is working. They are holding up signs, which are, er, an upgrade over the standard ‘hungry, please help’ verbiage usually used!

As the article points out, while having meat on the bone i.e. a good product or service is key, grabbing the attention of prospects requires something that stands out from the masses (competitors) and a dose of humour or flash does not hurt.

Do you have the required flash and pizzazz and do you stand out?

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