Feb 232007

How To Access The Executive Suite And SELL


Selling To VITO (Very Important Top Officer) is a book dedicated to the science of getting past the proverbial gatekeeper and reaching the executive prospect.
The book discusses in detail everything from attitude to the format of letters one should mail to the content of the voice mail one must leave. In that respect, the book is complete and combined with the personal experience the authors bring manages to offer an above average methodology into an important aspect of most sales cycles.

Having said that, does the book’s advice actually work? Well, the answer is some yes and a lot of no. Having put the methodology to work first hand – letters, labels and all – it is fair to say that VITO helps, but is hardly a silver bullet. In fact, while the book facilitated some headway the final end-goal was never in sight.
The failed experiment might be the result of bad luck or a small and non-representative sample, but the bottom-line remains that the book’s effectiveness must be questioned. Furthermore, the book’s content is slightly dated as shown by some of the verbiage which might be translating into the same for the content

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  1. I think the post above made some interesting points, on a related side note I found a used version of Selling to Vito (the Very Important Top Officer) and recommend it.

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