Dec 072011

Just over a month ago I wrote about different marketing techniques and types:

As a follow-up I want to discuss a general Marketing Continumm (feel free to download the slide from the link at the bottom).

1- Preamble – type of marketing? What is appropriate for the business?
2- Objective – what is the definition of success? How will it be measured?
3- Duration – what is the implementation and control/cessation period?
4- Target Market (Who Or Which?) – Includes the P’s (place, price, product/service or promotion) and cannot be ‘everybody’ as that is too broad.
5- Branding – Includes message, byline and logo
6- Milestones – Time measurements that determine the project’s timeliness and success. Be realistic and beware of mission-creep. What steps need to be complete?
7- Repeat Or Recurring Activities – what are they and are they budgeted for time and money-wise?
The slide is here:


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