Jul 132015

I wish I could say this graphic is mine. Alas, it is not, but I like it a lot.








In fact, since it was sent in, if anyone knows where the source is please tell me for appropriate credit.

The point is what these pages have talked about before herehere and here. Employees are precious and finding good ones is difficult. Keeping good ones is as difficult. More pertinently, however, is the question on how to keep employees.

Many theories float out there, but the notion is that one solution does not fit all. While managers and human resource teams talk and practice team meetings, casual Friday days, commission structures so on and so forth any of these schemes is probably missing the mark the majority of the time.

Employees are humans. Humans are a diverse group. It remains the job of the manager, executive and human resources to understand each individual and work with (motivate) that person (employee) individually.

*Things That Need To Go Away: making employees happy through actions and activities that make managers pleased.