Jan 202008

There comes a time in every salesperson’s professional career in which he or she is at the stage where the hard work pays off and a sale is imminent – and then the prospect goes silent. It is a bewildering time assuming one has done all the right things. Why was one promised and consequently presumed success only to be confronted with silence instead of a Purchase Order? Where has the contact gone? Why are they not returning your calls? Did you miss something or have circumstances changed? Who knows?

It is time to call a meeting!

Without news or updated information it is impossible to act, react or interact and to find out whether a deal is happening or not. If not, why not? Is it something that can be addressed? If yes, when and are there any modifications at hand?

It is time to invite the prospect’s team to a meeting – telephone, videoconference or in-person. It is important to invite a team from the customer for several reasons. A larger team can bring any concerns to the table. It can give one different perspectives and open up the flow of information. It signals a sense of immediacy and a desire to resolve the issue.
It also has the effect of nudging your contact(s) into action. It is likely that this escalation will help one receive the information one needs either through the group’s collaboration or by forcing the other party’s hand, providing momentum and illuminating the situation. Their acceptance or rejection of the meeting will yield plenty of information either way.
Of course, isn’t it time your customers started feeling like collaborators and part of the team and accepted periodic meetings?

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