Mar 282016

EnterpriseAppsToday has a short summary of today’s leading ERP vendors. It is noteworthy that each listed vendor has multiple suites for different purposes with different names, but the website lists one specific offering per vendor. Interestingly, there is the comment by an analyst who dismisses other vendors in that fragmented market. He may have a point.

ERP buying Guide: Top Tier Vendors

The site also offers an interesting analysis of the CRM Market. The elephant in the room is the actual ROI of CRM and the user base’s resistance to the product. Is it too controversial to believe Microsoft Excel is the largest ‘CRM’ in the world?

CRM Market Leaders


*Things That Need To Go Away: Ignoring vertical specialist ERP and CRM solutions


Jul 232011

Marc Benioff of and Larry Ellison of Oracle either have the most schizophrenic relationships or are amusing themselves at our expense.

Benioff used to work for Oracle before branching out on his own with a lot of financing from Ellison. In fact, Ellison used to sit on the board of directors of Later, and despite being an investor, Ellison publicly stated that he wished his investment would collapse so badly that it would be reduced to zero. Both companies sell SAAS CRM of course. More recently, Benioff admitted to periodic conversations with Ellison. runs on Oracle database. So, what is the truth?

I was reminded of all this as I just saw an advertisement for Oracle’s annual convention, OpenWorld. Once again, the competition in the form of is a sponsor. Funny, since’s slogan is “no software.”

Are these guys amusing themselves at our expense? Is it all a little silly to begin with? After all, the only thing that matters is the benefits these firms’ respective applications bring its users.

Update: In October 2011 Oracle cancelled Benioff’s Keynote speech at Oracle OpenWorld. Benioff claimed surprise at the last minute cancellation.