Sep 232012

So you want a raise and believe your work justifies asking for it. Salary is the company’s tool to hire, drive performance and keep employees motivated. An employee’s salary balances your and the company’s needs.

Before speaking to your manager do your research. Ask for a time and in a non-threatening, but firm, tone and setting pull out the results of your number crunching.

1- Do others with a similar job and length of experience in the industry receive a higher salary?

2- How about the benefits and other incomes? How does your benefit plan compare? Do you have pension or investment matching? How about education assistance or  other similar benefits?

3- How often does the company initiate a pay raise? Is it congruent with industry practices? How does it compare with the inflation rate?

4- How is your performance? How much time and effort do you put into it?

Inform your manager! Summarize and list the information for him or her politely. Make a case for yourself and prepare to negotiate. Also note that other items (flex time? extra vacation days? one-time bonus? etc.) might have value for you and be possible for your manager to award.




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