Nov 122009

Back in November of 2006, I talked about being “specific” with your prospects and customers. In order to achieve the desired results one has to go beyond generalities and delve into precision.


In a May of 2007 post, I discussed the ins and outs of marketing and keeping ones customers. In the same post, I briefly mentioned asking for referrals.


How about combining the two?
How does one ask existing customers for referrals? One asks by being specific about who those referrals would be. Instead of asking, for a referral vaguely (”would you be able to refer me to one of your contacts who might need my services?”) say something like “I would be grateful if you would refer your contacts to me. The ideal contact would be a Florist (or whoever needs your service) that is the owner of the business and has at least three employees.”
Notice how direct the request is?
Follow up your request in a week or so for additional emphasis.

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